Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Brew Town Beat Podcast

Garcia from the BTB called Gaddis and I last night to do a podcast. We get off track a bit, but talk about the Brewers spring training, the Badgers, and a hotness bracket. Click on the title above and look for the SBTB link. Let us know what you think with our first try on this.

Also, Garcia and I did another mock draft, so I'll try and get it all organized to post it soon.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Congrats Homestead Girls

The season came to an end last night for the Freshman girls basketball team at Homestead High School with a great victory over Cedarburg, 46-20. I just wanted to say that this was a great experience for me and appreciated the chance to sit on the bench during games and help with the game management. I've never been closer to a team that my brother has coached before and wish everyone on the team the best of luck as they move forward with their careers. I sincerely hope each one of them goes out for the JV team next season and sticks together for the next 3 years, as they could do something special when they are seniors.

It seemed like such a long season when we started, but now, I can't believe it's over. Each player made some great strides, and the team got much better as a whole from the first game to last night's game. They are playing so well right now, it's a shame we have to be done, because it would be very fun to watch this team play and grow for another few weeks. But as the seasons turn, so do the teams we coach. I'll never forget this team and what a great season we had.

So here's to you; Kacie, Emily, Lauren K, Madeline, Brittney, Melissa, Jordan, Rachel, Megan, Kate, Cassandra, Lauren L, and coach Filzen. Thank you for a great season and for letting me be a (small) part of your team.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Mock Draft

Alrighty, it's the first ever OTN Mock Draft. Your contributors have been hard at work putting this thing together, and it may take a few days to complete. We'll bring you the action kind of live, so follow along. The order is Garcia, Gaddis, Filzen.

1. Detroit Lions (JG) - Eugene Monroe - OT/Virginia
Andre Smith has showed some serious flaws, mainly not being able to handle speed rushers, and Michael Oher is for lack of a better word a big"cat". Monroe is the most complete tackle in the draft, and if the Lions learned anything from the Dolphins last year, it's that you build from both lines and around franchise bookend tackles. Although, that's assuming a lot because it is the Lions.

2. St Louis Rams (MG) - Andre Smith – OT/Alabama
I could see a quarterback going here, but I just think they need more line help so whoever they have behind center is not getting killed.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (NF) - Matthew Stafford - QB/Georgia
A couple of things with this pick. First, I don't think Stafford is going to be that good of a pro. Second, I'm not sure Stafford lasts this long, but I do know the Chiefs will take a quarterback. New GM and a new coach will want to put their stamp on an organization and selecting a quarterback here will buy them a couple of seasons. But,with this pick, they won't have to trot Tyler Thigpien or Brody Croyle out there every week.

4. Seattle Seahawks (JG) - Michael Crabtree - WR/Texas Tech
Seems like the biggest no-brainer in the draft. Seattle needs offensive playmakers and Crabtree is the most highly touted receiver and one of the more imposing playmakers in the draft.

5. Cleveland Browns (MG) - Everette Brown - DE/FSU
A great fit for the 34 defense who will go opposite kamberon wimberly. Mangani is going to build this team on the defense side first. They could also look at malcom jenkins here out of the ohio state or even a running back which they lack.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (NF) - Jason Smith - OT/Baylor
The Bengals need a lot of help in many positions. It was hard to pass up an OLB with the skills of Aaron Curry to help the defense, but protecting Palmer and opening up holes for their running game should be priority. The Bengals were at their best when Rudi Johnson was actually able to gain yards. Getting a big tackle to anchor the line and build around will be key to getting the running game going again and opening up the passing game. Since the top 2 tackles are gone, Smith is the pick.

7. Oakland Raiders (JG) – Malcolm Jenkins – CB/Ohio State
Nnamdi Asomugha is a free agent who looks like he’s a goner unless the Raiders slap a franchise tag on him. Even if they do keep him, this would give Oakland quite a formidable tandem in the secondary. The Raiders still don’t have a coach, so it’s difficult to get a gauge on where they’re going. If they announce that Tom Cable will get the interim tag removed and keep the job, I wouldn’t be shocked for him to push for Michael Oher here, since he was an O-line coach, but the Raiders like flashy players.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (MG) - Aaron Cury - OLB/Wake Forrest
He is too solid to drop past this point. This team could really use a Wr but have had some first round busts in the past. The old lb will pick a solid olb.

9. Green Bay Packers (NF) - Aaron Maybin -DE/OLB Penn State
I was chomping at the bit to select Maybin for the Packers when it appeared he would be available. While I say that, I was also thinking of perhaps Brandon Pettigrew at TE, Raji the DT, Orakpo another DE, or even Oher, but Maybin is too good to pass up right here. What a deal for the Packers, the year they bring in a new D coordinator and switch to a 3-4, a guy who would be perfect for the OLB role in that system is in the draft and available with this pick. Maybin has the size to play the run and speed to cover down field or rush the quarterback. He was the only player on the Penn State defense who seemed like he wasn't completely overmatched against USC in the Rose Bowl. I had been pining for a while for Ray Maualuga, but this is too early for him and he wouldn't have the impact on the defense like Maybin would.

10. San Francisco 49ers (JG) – Ray Maualuga – ILB/USC
The 49ers could use an upgrade from Jeff Ulbrich alongside Patrick Willis on the inside and Maualuga is the most pure 3-4 ILB in the draft. Plus he gets to learn the position from one of the best, Mike Singletary. The addition of Maualuga gives the 49ers scary good linebackers on the inside for years to come. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them look at Mark Sanchez or Jeremy Maclin here, but Singletary will push for more building to be done through the defense.

11. Buffalo Bills (MG) - Michael Oher - OT/Ole Miss
He might be dumb but he is a rather athletic tackle. It looks like the Bills are going with Edwards and I don't think Juaran will want to start over with a rookie QB so they pass on Dirty Sanchez.

12. Denver Broncos (NF) - Brian Orakpo - DE/Texas
This is now the third choice I have made for the Broncos. Originally I had them taking Jeremy Maclin to add another offensive threat to Jay Cutler's arsenal. Then, while I paused for a moment from my salivating over the thought of that offense, I remembered how bad the defense was last year. I mean really, really bad. So, after that revelation, I had my sights set on Vontae Davis from Illinois.

Look, I understand that they already have Champ Baily and Dre Bly in their secondary, but clearly they need help, and Vontae Davis is going to have an impact for whatever team drafts him next season, so it wouldn't be bad for them to draft him here and let Champ and Dre know that more seasons like the last will not be tollerated at all.

Then I thought maybe, just maybe their defensive problems were because they couldn't put pressure on the quarterback. Well, problem solved, as long as Orakpo can stay healthy. He definitely hasn't done that at Texas, but, if he stays on the field, he is a force. A speed rusher, who can also defend the run when needed, he could put enough pressure on the quarterback to ease the stress on Bly and Bailey.

***We changed order a bit here as it is harder than you would think to coordinate a mock draft on line in 2 different time zones when we are all working***

13. Washington Redskins (MG) - B.J. Raji - DT/Boston College
This team needs some defensive help. Raji is a big run stopper at plus 320. I imagine they would have really wanted Orapko who went one pick ahead because Jason Taylor did not deliver much last year. Not a flashy pick for Dan Sydner but let's hope he actually does something rational.

14. New Orleans Saints (JG) – Vontae Davis – CB/Illinois
Stop me if you’ve heard this before…the Saints defense was bad last year. The addition of Gregg Williams only helps them if they give him quality defenders to coach. Mike McKenzie once again suffered a season ending leg injury and is starting to wear down. Aside from McKenzie, the Saints have little to be desired in the secondary. I’m not sold on Davis, especially this high, but there’s always reach picks in the draft and the Saints are just the type of team to do it.

15. Houston Texans (NF) - Jeremy Maclin - WR/Missouri
Let's see, the Texans are pretty good on the defensive line anchored by Mario Williams, have a solid linebacking corps, and there isn't really anyone in the draft that I would want to take at this point in the draft to boost the secondary. On offense, Steve Slaton has entrenched himself in the backfield, and while Knowshown would be a nice pick here as a compliment, I see them going for the passing game. Once again Pettigrew from OK State could go here, but Owen Daniels is going to be a Pro Bowler before too long. Jeremy Maclin will be a nice speed receiver to compliment Andre Johnson well. Johnson can still make big plays and can draw defenders across the middle for deep balls to Maclin, who is fast, but will not be treading into linebacker territory.

16. San Diego Chargers (MG) - Knowshown Moreno - RB/Georgia
With ldt looking washed up and scroles being a free agent moreno is safe pick here. He can catch out of the backfield and is very similar to sproles. It would be interesting if they went with wells as a chane up back or even pettigew from ok state to cover when gates is hurt. They would really like maluga to slip so they could throw him in the middle. Moreno it is. He might not be a superstar but he will be damn good.

17. New York Jets (JG) - James Laurinaitis - ILB/Ohio State
The Jets could really use a QB, but they need to upgrade the interrior of their defense. I'm sure they'd like to add another defensive tackle as a backup plan to Chris Jenkins, or possibly so they could even shift him to end, but BJ Raji was the only ideal 3-4 nose guard in this draft. Laurinaitis would have been a top five pick. He's a mean interrior guy, but was exposed a bit in last year and in the Fiesta Bowl this year as a guy who lacks ideal speed for the NFL. He'll also need to shake the OSU linebacker bust stigma.

18. Chicago Bears (NF) - Percy Harvin - WR/Florida
I partyly made this pick to see how Gaddis would react. But, since I made it, here's why I think they will; their defensive line is still very solid, so I don't think they'd go for anyone there. They could use some help in the secondary since Mike Brown gets hurt every season, and could certainly go for a safety or cornerback if they feel any are good enough to take in this spot. I was thinking Brian Cushing from USC here to learn the defense and spell Urlacher and Hillemeyer and eventually take over, but instead went with an offensive threat.

The Bears established a running game last season with Matt Forte, and we know that Greg Olsen is a productive tight end. The addition of Harvin would allow them to move Hester back to being a full time special teams player so he can focus on scoring touchdowns again. Either that, or they could have the fastest wide receivers in the league, with no one to throw them the ball.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (MG) - Mark Sanchez - QB/USC
The bucs select mark sanchez. They finally are going to try and find a franchise quarteback and do it without bringing old washed up players. They need some more talent around him, but he should be a decent nfl qb.

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas) (JG) - Michael Johnson - DE/Georgia Tech
Jim Schwartz gets the next Javon Kearse/Mario Williams, freak pass rushign specialist. Very good value here for the Lions at 19. Actually, on second thought, theres no way this pick can happen, is there? After all this is the Lions we're talking about. Two good picks, or picks that make sense?

21. Philadelphia Eagles (NF) - Chris Wells - RB/Ohio State
I was really thinking Brandon Pettigrew once again, but they get more value with Wells. Westbrook simply cannot stay on the field for a full season, and by bringing in Wells to spell him, Westbrook becomes that much more dangerous. Pettigrew would be a nice addition and give McNabb another pass catching tight end, but Wells at this point in the draft makes sense to get a couple more productive years out of Westbrook and then take over for him full time.

22. Minnesota Vikings (MG) - Brandon Pettigrew - TE/Oklahoma State
Their current tight end is a guy that likes to show his weiner on tv. I can't speak for his johnson but he is a tall tight end who can stretch the D and take it to the house. None of the WRs are good enough to take here so a TE it is.

23. New England Patriots (JG) - Larry English - OLB/Northern Illinois
They need help in their secondary, but they didn't get any pressure on the QB last year and could upgrade the linebacker spot. Aside from Jared Mayo, all their guys are older (Vrabel, Bruschi, Seau) or have a history of injuries (Adalius Thomas). English couln't be blocked off the end in the senior bowl and could be a real sleeper.

24. Atlanta Falcons (NF) - D.J. Moore - CB/Vanderbilt
With Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Michael Turner, they have a pretty good offensive core coming together. That being the case, they turn to the defensive side of the ball with their first pick and go with a corner who can hopefully develop into a lock-down corner back. Brian Cushing may be the pick here as well, but which LB position would he play in the 3-4?

25. Miami Dolphins (MG) - Brian Cushing - LB/USC
He screams Parcells. He seems to love LBs and his teams normally have good linebackers. With the Dolphins playing a 3-4 he could play either inside or outside. Cushing didn't get the same hype as some of the other linebackers that played as USC (Rivers and Malaluga), but he is a great athlete who brings a lot of intensity to the game. This team could also really use a WR because they don't have much besides Ted Ginn, but I don't think any of the WRs are worth taking this high.

26. Baltimore Ravens (JG) - Darrius Heyward-Bey - WR/Maryland
Derrick Mason is a possesion guy. Mark Clayton looks like he could emerge as a real good receiver next year, but the Ravens have little else for Flacco to work with (what ever happened to Todd Heap, is he dead?). Heyward-Bey is quite possibly the fastest guy in the draft and would give the Ravens a legit downfield threat to take pressure off their run game.

27. Indianapolis Colts (NF) - Tyson Jackson - DE/LSU
The Colts are going defense with their first pick in the draft, no doubt. Although, Joseph Addai didn't look like the same player last year, nor did Reggie Wayne look anything like the 2007 Wayne, but there are still great weapons on this offense with Peyton Manning touching the ball every snap. Dwight Freeney will benefit from the selection of Jackson who can put pressure on the opposite side of the line as well, forcing teams to play one of them straight up. With 2 pass rushing defensive ends and Bob Sanders hawking balls and laying licks, the defense looks to be an area of strength.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (MG) - Peria Jerry - DT/Mississippi
I struggledon this because they probably could have used Tyson Jackson more thananyone else because they need some additional pass rush. They also needanother safety opposite Dawkins and he is getting up there in age, butthis is too early for William Moore. I think Peria Jerry is the bestplayer available at this point. He is not a big run stopper, but moreof a pass rushing and quick DT

29. New York Giants (JG) - Alphonso Smith - CB/Wake Forrest
The secondary is probably the Giants weakest area on defense, and Smith is a good value this late. They could opt to upgrade the offensive line here as well, and may be tempted to look at a WR, but Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt would be a bit of a reach at 28.

30. Tennessee Titans (NF) - Hakeem Nicks - WR/North Carolina
Too early at number 29, the Titans grab the sure-handed WR from North Carolina with their first round pick. Chris Johnson was an outstanding addition to the offense last season, but Kerry Collins needs more weapons. The Titans should be in a position to re-sign Albert Haynesworth, so their defense will be stout again. Here's how bad the Titans' receiving corps is, I can't think of one of them as I am writing this. Getting another offensive weapon in the first round should be priority to balance this team out.

31. Arizona Cardinals (MG) - Eben Britton - T/Arizona
Wayne Gandyneeds to go. He was getting schooled last night and if either Warner orLeinart is back there in the future, they need a better tackle. I couldsee them going after a G as well with Duke Robinson.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jermon Meredith - OT/South Carolina
Ben Roethlisberger got the crap beaten out of him this year. The Steelers O-line was noticably week this year, and the tackle position was noticably bad, I'm looking at you Max Starks. Being pretty well set everywhere else, the Steelers can take a chance this early on Meredith and hopefully get a starting tackle for years to come.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Gotcha Todd

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trading emails with Garcia

Garcia and I had lengthy discussions today about NFL coaches, arbitration, why McCarthy would tell the media Capers was his third choice, the Simmons/Klosterman podcast, old NBA players, and more. Here's what transpired....

NF: So, if we had a sports talk radio show, what would we talk about on a slow sports day like today? Arbitration and Ryan Howard asking for$18 million?

MG: In Milwaukee I think you would talk about how that Ryan Howard deal affects Prince.

NF: Does it really affect Prince? Howard has been an MVP, has a World Series Championship, and has put up consistent numbers for 3 seasons.

MG: Yeah they said last years deal would probably set a bar for Prince. He won't have the same stats, but if Howard is getting $18M, Price is going to command at least $12.

NF: They should really trade him to an AL team soon.

NF: Czaben is talking about the Real Housewives right now.

MG: Great bad show. I loved it last night.

NF: I've never watched it. Perhaps you can break it down for me and that will give us something to do until Garcia chimes in.

JG: Yeah, I'm listening.
Fielder submitted a figure of $8M, far below what many thought he'd ask for. The Brewers countered with $6M. There is no way I'm trading him this year unless they can get a young pitcher major league ready forhim.

I'd lead with Fielder/Sheets, since it looks like Sheets is close to signing with the Mets. Great, so we lose Sheets and Sabathia and don'tget one first round pick to show for it. Talk about a flawed system.

Of course WSSP doesn't address either in the time I heard that show this morning. More national stuff and inauguration stuff. I get theinauguration is a big deal, and you should mention it, but you're a Milwaukee sports show. I don't think listeners you get care, or are the most insightful in that area. God I hate that station.

NF: Explain to me how the Brewers aren't getting a first round pick for either Sheets or Sabathia

JG: I didn't see the housewives last night, or Nip/Tuck (that one is on lifesupport in my TV viewing schedule anyway). I worked from 4am-Midnight (not a typo) on Monday, so when I got home from work yesterday I fell asleep at about 6 and slept until 6 this morning.

I heard McCarthy said he had offered the job to Gregg Williams, but Williams turned him down because his family decided they'd rather be in New Orleans than Green Bay, and then offered it to Haslett, but Haslett turned him down for the time being until he heard about his chance at the St. Louis job, then offered it to Capers.

Why the eff would you say this? Why come out and say he was your third choice, just say he was our guy all along and when people press you on if you offered it to someone else, say we don't comment on our coaching staff search and guys not on our squad.

JG: Texiera was the highest rated free agent, so the Yankees give their first rounder to the Angels, Sabathia was the highest rated pitcher, but second highest rated player, so we get their next (2nd) round pick.

K-Rod was rated higher than Sheets, so if he does sign with the Mets we get their second.
The real treat is, if the Yankees swoop in at the last minute and sign Sheets (it wouldn't shock me, especially if they don't get Pettit), we get a 4th round pick for him, since AJ Burnett rates higher than Sheets.

Yeah, not a flawed system at all.

My proposal is this, come out with a way of rating players on a "A","B", "C" scale and implement a rule that you can only sign one "A" freeagent each off-season - excluding re-signing your own guys. It would be kind of like the NBA where you're more likely to retain your own guys.
I don't see why the players union wouldn't go for this, because it would mean more money all around, if they Yankees sign all the top guys, most teams just pack it in and search the scrap heap, but in this system you'd have the Brewers, Blue Jays, Angels, etc. all hypothetically signing top guys to big money deals.

The only problem being, how do you come up with a accurate and universally accepted way of rating these guys?

NF: I didn't catch Nip/Tuck either, and actually forgot about it until you just mentioned it now. I wonder if it got dvr'd. Oh well if it didn't.

McCarthy probably mentioned it for 2 reasons:

1) you tell someone they were your third choice, and it will go one of two ways. Either the guy says, well fine, then screw this, they don't even care, they didn't even want me, who cares if I screw up? Or, wow, I'll show these guys why I should have been the number one choice. Screw them, I'm doing everything I can to prove I was the best guy for this position, and in fact, do so well, that people question the head coach as to why I was the third choice and start saying I should be the head coach. Which way do you think a former head coach will go?

2) if he screws up, McCarthy has an out by simply saying, "Look, I told you guys he was our third choice. He was the best we could get."

NF: Ahhhhhhh. I had no idea that's how it worked, but it makes sense nowthat you explained it to me. I thought type A got first roundcompensation, but obviously, that can't happen when teams sign morethan one type A free agent. I like your plan about limiting thenumber of type A guys you can sign. And how about taking it a stepfurther where you can sign as many type A guys as first round picksyou have. So let's say hypothetically that Sheets and Sabathia are onthe market, the Yankees want both, but only have 1 first round pick,so they sign Sabathia. then, someone signs let's say Giambi as a typeA (I know he's not, but hypothetically again) from the Yankees,meaning they have another first round pick available to sign Sheets.Although, there are major flaws with that as well.

JG: I get telling Capers. But why tell the media? And the fans? We don'tneed to know that.
And the second reason you cited wouldn't help his cause, it would hurthim. The Packers are one of the premier names and franchises, peopleshould want to come to this organization, right or wrong, that's stillhow fans and front office people feel. If you use the "he was my thirdchoice, I couldn't get anyone else excuse" it just makes you look badbecause you'll then get asked the question "what are you doing wrongthat people don't want to come here anymore?"

JG: I like that idea of saying if you have two first rounders, you can signtwo, etc.
But, I think using your example, the Yankees have 1, they sign Sabathiaand want Sheets. They lose Giambi and like you said, lets just say he'san A, they still can't sign Sheets because they'd have to wait anotheryear to get the pick and would be able to sign two A guys the next year.
I just don't get why the players union pushes for their guys to leaveteams and get huge deals in a sport like baseball. By pushing forSabathia to take the Yankee deal, that means while they Yankees aredropping $161M on him, the Brewers aren't spending their offered $100M.The Yankees are going to sign money anyway. Same with the Nationalsbeing in on Texiera, if they signed him to a big deal, that's money thatotherwise wouldn't have been spent. The Yankees would just shift theirplans and sign Lowe, Manny and another guy. Overall, it's more moneyfor all the players, rather than more money for a few guys.
I don't get why their main goal is to set benchmarks in money per yearfor individuals, rather than upping total money spent on players eachyear. It probably sounds like sour grapes from a fan of a team wholooks like they're losing two guys with little compensation to show, butI just can't figure it out. I'm not naive enough to think the unionlooks out for all guys equally, but they're really saying that they onlycare about the best interest of the top ten or so guys.

NF: On Capers, I don't agree with the decision to tell the media and fans,that's just why I think he did it. Personally, I think it's abush-league move and just makes the idiot Packers fans already startthinking of excuses for the defense in case he isn't all that great.
(Scene: a bar in the northwoods of Wisconsin. The 43 year old bartender who looks like she is 65, takes a drag from her cigarette asshe hands two gentlemen who both look like they just got done with ashift at the local paper factory after hunting, 2 cans of blatz.Flannel Man one says: What da hell is gon on wit da Packs defense, ya know?Flannel Man two responds: Jesus Christ, tell me about it. McCartyhires dat damned Capers, and all hell breaks loose. Who'd a thunkdey'd be worse aff this year? Welp, guess that's what happens when yasettle fir yir tird choice.
And scene)
I totally agree with the Sabathia/Yankees thing with the playersunion. I can't remember where I heard them talking about it on theradio, it may have been Tirico and VP or just SVP or even BillMichaels, but they were talking about the same thing you mentionedwith the contracts. If the players union really wants the union togain as much money as possible, they should encourage players to signwith these smaller market clubs who are offering substantialcontracts, even though it may not be as much as others are offering.Exactly to your point, who else are the Brewers going to offer $100million to? Nobody. Not this year, not next year, not the yearafter. The Yankees would have still probably spent close to $400million on three players not named CC or Mark.

JG: No, I agree with your reasoning. I mean why bother, it just gives morefuel to people that already hate McCarthy and Thompson, because thosesame two guys sitting at the bar will say "See, McCarthy can't getanybody to want to come here, he keeps getting turned down and had tosettle on Capers. Nobody ever turned down Holmgren."
That's the thing I really hate about Packers fans, they're becoming Bearfans. Sorry Gaddis. But the Bear fans always point to 1985 and Ditka,well Packer fans are no better. It really started these past few years,but this season especially, everyone points to 1996 and 1997. They allwant to fire McCarthy, Thompson and Murphy and bring back Holmgren, Wolfand Harlan.
It's 2009, stop living in 1996 and get over it.

NF: I just want the Packers to win a Super Bowl while I can still throw'em down like I used to every once in a while and before I have kidsto worry about taking care of during the game and within 3 days after. That's all I want. We were freshman when they won the Super Bowl,that's just not fair. They need to win one with in the next 5 yearsor so, otherwise there's a good chance some ankle biters will bearound.
If we as fans have to wait another 30 years between championships, I'mgoing to vomit many, many times. I think I'm going to pull for theCardinals in the Super Bowl so that one more team can claim the title. I was about to say so that their fans can celebrate after so manyyears, but the Cardinals fans suck, and Bidwell did nothing for thatteam, so eff the fans.

JG: I just listened to the Rex Ryan press conference on WFAN. I initiallyblasted that and thought it was an awful hire, mostly because none ofthe former Ravens coordinators have done anything and looked likegeniuses because of the talent they got to coach in Baltimore - speakingof which, how hasn't Marvin Lewis been fired yet?
But after hearing him talk, I've done a total 180. I really likedlistening to what he had to say. If I was a player, I'd love playingfor him.

NF: What was it that he had to say which made you change your mind?
Do you have the podcasts you've done posted anywhere?
Yeah, why hasn't Marvin Lewis been fired yet? I mean seriously. Doyou think they'll lose Housh this off season?
Are you going to Brewer's on-deck at all this weekend? Or the boatshow? Or the All-Canada show?

JG: I've got to work at the station at night and here in the morning, butI'm going to see if I can get credentialed to cover the player sessionsin the afternoon for the station.
Ryan was very personable and didn't give a bland interview. He spokeabout what he specifically wants to do, including what he wants to dowith players and the players he thinks he can get to have big years likeones he had in Baltimore. He just sounded like a football guy.
The podcasts are done, but not posted (probably a good thing, as eachone has gotten better but I'm not satisfied with my counterparts justyet). I still need clearance from the third party server, which Ihaven't gotten yet. I'm going to just turn to Gaddis' dad pretty soonlike Gaddis suggested and see if I can upload them to his server andlink from there.
I have the phone interview finally figured out, but I need a $50 partfor it. I'm hoping to get that for my birthday next week and then I'llbe able to do things with you and Gaddis over the phone.

NF: Your birthday is the 30th, correct? Or am I way off onthat? Are you doing anything for it other than hopefully getting that$50 part? How was your visit to Madison?
Umm, who did Ryan get hired to coach, anyway?

JG: Yeah, the 30th. Probably go out somewhere down here, maybe Fanatics orsomething. I was going to see if Gaddis wanted to come down, but hetells me he's in Atlanta (total BS), so if you and Chris are in town,then by all means.
Madison was good. Played some video games, watched Pineapple Express,Gaddis refused to watch Step Brothers, even though he agreed to watchthe special features and found all the bonus scenes hilarious.
We went to Old Chicago and they have some Ale Asylum beer on tap, Iforget what it was called...Gaddis? Anyway, you only get like 8 ouncesand it's like 13% alcohol. It was quite good. Gaddis did smoke me inNBA Live though, not my proudest moment.
Ryan is with the Jets. He brought the Ravens LB coach with him to bethe D-Coordinator.
I mean seriously, how is Marvin Lewis still coaching a team? Is IsaiahThomas secretly running the Bengals?

NF: The 30th, that is what, a Friday? That sounds like something we'd beable to do. We're going to the Marquette game the next day andpossibly the UWM game later that evening, so it would be a fullweekend.
How was Pineapple Express? Did you know Rogen is only 26? He's 2months younger than me. I really need to start remembering how old Iam.
Ryan with the Jets. Got it. And where did SteveSpangararhaovafuooiaoalo go? St. Louis? Is Herm Edwards fired yet?Wasn't Jim Schwartz the Packers D Coordinator once? Did Tampa hiresomeone to replace Gruden yet? Is he going to be a head coachsomewhere this year?
Seriously, is Kurt Warner a HOFer?
When will the pollsters realize Duke isn't that good?
I can't wait until the first week of the NFL season next year. I amgoing to go for a 32 team parlay the first week. I'm going to be $1 onthe parlay, pick all the winners and nail all of the over/unders, andthen never bet on another game again. I can't wait for this tohappen. Then, I am going to take all of the money I win from that onebet, go to Vegas, go to a craps table and put all of it on box cars.Then, after Michelle throws two sixes, I'm going to go to the Bellagioand crap on one of their Blackjack tables.

JG: I'm actually going to the Marquette game the 31st as well, and wastalking about going to the UWM game with Fabos that evening.
Spags did go to the Rams. Herm hasn't been canned yet, but he's got tobe fired, doesn't he? He's only got one year left on his deal, and whybother keeping a lame duck coach? There is talk of him ending up inIndianapolis as the D-Coordinator if he's fired, now that theirs steppeddown. That whole Indy thing is strange. The D-Coordinator resigns, andthen there was two other guys who had to be talked out of retiring onceDungy did? What's going on there?
Raheem Morris took over for Gruden, so the guy gets promoted toD-Coordinator once Kiffin officially left after the season, and thenweeks later is promoted to head coach? Really? I just don't get firingJohn Gruden for Raheem Morris.
I think Gruden gets the Notre Dame job if he wants it, but I questionhow he'd relate to college athletes. Professional guys hated him, doyou think a kid is going to like John Gruden screaming at them andtelling them whatever they did wasn't good enough?
I liked Pineapple Express, but it clearly references illegal substancesa lot. I knew Rogen was a young prodigy of sorts, didn't know he was 26though. I read he was writing stuff for 'Freaks and Geeks' when he was13, and he used to write that 'Undeclared' show that was on Fox and usedto write for the Ali G show. Really makes me feel like I'veaccomplished a lot in life.
Warner...thats tough. If he wins he's got a really good case. My onlystruggle with it is that he's only had like four good seasons and two ofthem were great where he won the MVP award. That's really tough, he wasan average QB or worse for half of his career, the other half was greatand he went to 3 Super Bowls. I'd be fine with him getting in, and finewith him getting snubbed.

NF: That is strange about Indy, didn't know about all of theretirements/non-retirements.
For the basketball games on those days, Michelle is going, Ballbachand his brother are going, apparently it's going to be a large groupof peeps going, should be good times.
Don't know how Herm has kept his job, much like Marvin Lewis. I'malso surprised Weis has kept his job this long. Did Gruden go to ND,or why do you think that job would be his if he wanted it? I reallywish NBC would dump their television contract with Notre Dame and theywould join the Big Ten, make it 12 teams and split the divisions toEast/West, so it would look like this:
East:Penn StateMichiganMichigan StateOhio StatePurdueNotre Dame
Granted, the East would be a whole lot better than the West, but lookat the Big 12 North/South where you have Texas, TT, A&M, Baylor,Oklahoma, and OK State all in the same division, and Nebraska, CO,Iowa State, Kansas, K State, and Missouri.
Then, you keep the ND- Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State matchup everyyear, Michigan- Michigan State and Ohio State, Wisconsin/Minnesota,Minnesota/Iowa, Illinois/Northwestern, blah blah blah.
So, Wisconsin's schedule would look like this every year;
MinnesotaIowaIndianaIllinoisNorthwesternEast1East2East3Non conferenceNon conferenceNon conferenceor play 4 teams from the other division and only 2 non conferencecames. Then, the Big Ten can have a championship game so that teamsaren't off for 40+ days.
Definitely don't see college guys responding well to Gruden'stechnique. Where will Charlie Weis end up if he is fired?
Raheem Morris. Wasn't he just the d-backs coach this year, and hasalready gotten 2 promotions? Wish I was that good.

JG: I like the Big Ten idea, especially since Wisconsin would be a favoriteto be playing in the conference championship game each year.
Gruden has some strong ties to ND. He was a GA or an assistant coachthere when he was younger, and was speculated to be the lead candidatefor the job when they hired Fatty Wiess. I want to say he gave aninterview where he basically said what Urban Meyer did, that ND is hisdream job, but not right now or the timing wasn't right.
As for Weiss, they haven't canned him yet because they still owe himsomething like $24M. When I asked Gaddis the same thing over theweekend, he said "If I've got to pay a guy that much, I'm not firinghim." I don't know, maybe so, especially with this economy, but Weissain't getting it done, and isn't well liked there. Plus I think he'djump a the chance to go back to NE and take over their O-coordinator jobagain now that McDaniels is gone. Perfect timing if you're ND, a guylike Gruden becomes available and you'd think you could get off easywith Weiss going the buy out route considering you'd think Bellicheatwould re-hire him as his O-coordinator.
I don't even know if they've named a new one yet.

NF: I like how McDaniels leaves New England and there isn't this hugebacklash like there was from Bill when Mangini left.
Do you think Meyer leaves Florida next year after Tebow leaves andgoes to ND, basically telling them that the only way he's leavingFlorida is if they hire him?
The Big Ten thing, that's pretty much why I went East/West and not North/South.
As for the $24 M thing; back in the day, Oldsmobile wanted to get awayfrom being known as "Your Dad's car company" and this guy came up witha huge ad campaign for them in which their slogan was "Not your dad'soldsmobile", they were trying to show how hip they were and that allthe problems of the old cars were solved. But, much like New Coke,this didn't work. The campaign cost something like $50 million tolaunch and when the CEO was asked why he didn't fire his advertisingdepartment and this guy specifically, he replied, "We just spent $50million training him (them) what not to do, why would we let him(them) go now"? I think it works a little differently with majorcollege football, but maybe they just figure they'd rather ride itout.

JG: Maybe I'm over thinking it, but why not if you're ND? You'd get a bigname taking your job (why did they think Charlie Weiss was that bigname?) and you'd think you could get off easier on the buyout with thelooming possibility of Weiss landing back in New England.
Speaking of buyouts, I had to ask Gaddis about this over the weekendsince I'm not the financial virtuoso he is, but I saw Stephon Marburyjust told the Knicks he put his offer back on the table. His offer isthis, if you want to buy him out he'll give you back $1M of his $21Msalary. What?
Again, I'm no financial expert, but when you discuss buyouts, wouldn'tit be like "Stephon, you're owed $21M lets talk buyout. We'll pay you$13M to just go away and land wherever you want" But he wants $20M ofhis $21M to leave?
At that point, don't you just say FU, weren't not buying you out, you'resitting on the bench all year. No going to Boston and playing in theplayoffs or potentially getting a ring, you're riding our bench. Goodluck finding a job next year.
Or, are buyouts really that ridiculous?

NF: Isn't the NBA trade deadline sometime soon? Shouldn't Simmons behammering out his trade-value column sometime soon? What do you thinkthe top five looks like?
I mean, Kobe, Paul, and LeBron have to be 1-2-3, right? I don't evenwatch much of the NBA and I know it would have to be these three, yes?
Anywho, for buyouts, all I know is business, and in business if you'rebuying someone out of their contract, or don't want to fire them forfear of prosecution, severance packages are usually one year's worthof salary at a minimum, but more importantly, the company wants theassurance you will not spread around any trade secrets. Here's thething about Stephon Marbury; he's clearly dumb. I was going to callhim an idiot, but that word just gets tossed around too much thesedays to even use it in a derogatory manner anymore. He's dumb, plainas day dumb. He's Latrell "I"m turning down $14 million per yearbecause I have a family to feed" Spreewell dumb. If the Knicks don'ttell him to go copulate himself, they're crazy. No way they buy himout for $20 million. Why do you think he offered to give the $1million back? Has he spent all but that? I don't get it.

JG: The deadline is February 19th, so I'd guess it comes out next week orfirst week of February.
I don't remember his basis for the ratings off the top of my head, butI'd think the top three have to be LeBron, Paul, Kobe, Howard. Thefifth is tricky. Does D-Wade crack the top 5? I don't know. D Wade isvery good, but he's not on the same level as Kobe and LeBron, even Paulin terms of take over a game good.
I realize the business world buyouts, but this is a little different,and you've got to be right in suggesting Stephon has spent all but that$1M or at least a healthy chunk of his salary, but we all know howcolossally dumb Stephon Marbury is. Unless he's willing to take $14M togo away - and I even have a hard time paying him that much - I justtell him to eff off. Why should we do you a favor by allowing you to goto a better team?
And speaking of which, I've seen all the Marbury to Boston rumors, butwhy are the Celtics interested in Stephon Marbury? Why would any teambe interested in him?
Oh and also, who watches Lost? Why is that show still on the air?Wasn't it a lot better when it was called 'Gilligan's Island?' I havepeople tell me all the time, "oh how can you say that, it's way better."Really? All I know is there is a fat guy on the show. Now, they'vebeen "stranded" on this "island" for years now (I think that's what Iwas told), and yet...THAT GUY IS STILL FAT? WHAT?
Someone was like "no, well, they found a hatch that had food in it andsupplies and all this other stuff, so they're all eating." Oh, really?Reaaalllllly? So you have all these ridiculous things like that happenwhen you're on this island, and now - at least from what I gather fromthe previews - they're off the island? What? Oh, they're going back tosave people? Sure. Just a dumb show, at least from the sounds of it.

NF: Completely agree with all the Marbury crap. Are you serious, Boston?Why the hell do you want this guy on your team? The first thing Ithought of when I saw the Marbury/Boston rumors was that Simmons wasgoing to flip out, but I haven't even heard that much from him. It'sridiculous.
As for Lost, no I don't watch it. One night during the first season,I was at John and Jenny's before volleyball and it was on in thebackground. I checked it out for 2 minutes, was very confused, anddidn't like what I was seeing, so stopped watching at that point.Kelly has apparently gotten really into the show and has hammeredthrough most of the seasons so far and watched like 3 episodes on theplane ride both ways.
Apparently they had guns on the island or the plane as well orsomething, right? I don't understand the appeal, but their aredefinitely Lost freaks out there. The main difference between Lostand Gilligan's Island was that Gilligan's was a comedy, but based onthe seven deadly sins.

JG: I don't get Boston's fascination with him. Backup point guard is notyour pressing need. How does that make you better than the Cavs? AndI'm not even taking into account the type of disruption he could causeon your team and do to your locker room.
I just got back from lunch, had the radio on in the car. Is thereanything worse than hearing "Scott's out, Michelle Tafoya in today"?

NF: In terms of sports radio, here's what I do not want to hear:
- "Michelle Tafoya in today"
- "Welcome back to The Herd"
- "Aaron Rodgers is not getting up after that hit, folks"
- "In an unbelieveable turn of events, the Kansas City Royals comeback from down 9-0 with 2 outs in the ninth inning, no one on base,having been runnerless for the whole game, knock in 13 runs on 16straight hits, and then shut down the bottom of the ninth 1-2-3, todefeat the Cubs in game 7 of this World Series and hand them anotherheartbreak. We should also mention that Wrigley Field is beingdestroyed after this game."
- "Jim Rome here"
- "David Boston has been hired as the Packers strength andconditioning coach". I brought him up because what ever happened tohat guy? Is he still alive? Seriously, is he?
- "Welcome back to (insert tennis match)"

NF: Damn it, since Michelle is in for SVP, I have to listen to Fatcesa forthe next 3 hours. SOB

JG: Oh god. Those are all great. Especially the Rome and Cowherd ones.
Yeah, what did happen to David Boston? After he got all yoked up onroids he lost all his flexibility and elusiveness and just disappeared.Isn't his dad on official?
I'm listening to the Simmons podcast with Chuck Klosterman right now. Iwish those two had a three hour daily talk show. I could listen toChuck Klosterman talk about anything and think it was fascinating.

NF: Agreed with the Simmons/Klosterman thing. Those two should have takenover for Mike and the Mad Dog. I would actually probably pay a fee ifneeded to listen to a 3 hour show daily of them. I should reallystart reading some of Klosterman's books. I just finished thatpodcast about 20 minutes ago, it was a good one. I really want to goback to Vegas and see Simmons there.

JG: The best part was Klosterman's Motley Crue vs Guns N' Roses thing, andSimmons turning that into a Ewing/Robinson/Hakeem thing.
He was right though, Robinson and Ewing are considered two of thegreatest centers ever. Actually, they're two of the top 50 players ofall time, and Olajuwon just killed both of them in his prime. 1992-1998was probably the time I was most into the NBA in my life and I can stillpicture Hakeem just dominating both in the Finals and Conference Finals.The point of all of that is, is it just me or does it seem like Hakeemdoesn't get the credit he deserves? Looking at what he did to two ofthe best players of all time, his two rings and MVP award, and yet fewbring him up. Mostly because everyone always says "He only won thetitles because Jordan retired".
Man I wish Jordan wouldn't have "retired" and we would have got to see aRockets/Bulls Finals.
I also loved when Klosterman said "Jordan is the only guy that no matterhow much history proves he's a jerk, that makes people like him more."
"If we heard something like, you know Jordan put a hit out on IsaiahThomas for a while, people would be like that's awesome, that proves howcompetitive he is."
I loved that part.

NF: Or just straight up comparing him to Ty Cobb, one of the most hatedcharacters in the history of sports. Hakeem is the only reason ClydeDrexler has a ring, so Clyde probably doesn't underestimate hisability, but everyone else sure does. 92-98 was pretty much theheight of my NBA love as well, and Hakeem was a force during thoseplayoffs when they won the title. It would have been really nice tosee the Bulls and Rockets square off, I think they split those twofinals if they played, Bulls winning the first and Rockets winning thesecond. There is no way Sam Cassell outplays any of the Bulls guards,Pippen shuts down Horry, and Drexler/Jordan isn't even a contest aswas proven in 1992. But, the second year, with a little moreexperience under their belts, I think Hakeem destroys the Bulls lackof a center.
Back to this, though, Klosterman and Simmons need a radio show.

JG: Yeah, like you said, I'd pay for it.
I agree too with the splitting Championships thing. Jordan was greatbut Jordan never faced anyone like Hakeem. The first Championship, hegot an aging Lakers team. Magic wasn't a player that could take overthe game anymore.
Look at the guys the NBA threw at Jordan:
An Older Magic, Clyde Drexler, Barkley, Kemp/Payton, andStockton/Malone.
The equivalent of that would be LeBron winning six championships andfacing: Nash/Nowitzki, Deron Williams/Boozer, Carmello, McGrady andIverson. Good players and guys who had a select few great years, butnot a real challenge. He never had to face a guy who was equally asdominating. For as much damage as Jordan would have done to Drexler,Olajuwon would have destroyed the Bulls even more.
I actually think the Rockets win the first, and then the Bulls take thesecond one. The Rockets had more talent on that first team that won.The first team was far more dominant and talented. The only upgrade thesecond year was as you noted, Cassell and Horry weren't rookies. Thatsecond squad was totally carried by Olajuwon. Yes, the second year theyhad Drexler, but it was an over-the-hill Drexler and they depleted theirbench to get him (Pete Chilcutt and Chucky Brown logged heavy minutes intheir rotation that year).
God I wish we could have seen it.
I find it funny that I remember so much about the NBA when I was 10, 11,12 years old, and yet I could tell you very little about it today.

NF: I definitely agree with your point about knowing more about the NBAfrom 15 years ago than I do now. What is crazy (and Klostermanpointed this out) is that is does not seem even close to 16 years agothat Jordan "retired" and the Rockets started winning. It does notseem that long ago at all, not even close. I think I could name moreBucks from the 93-94 team than I can from the 08-09 team.

JG: People talk about the Cowboys not winning a playoff game since 1998 orwhatever it was, but this thing sticks with me more.
Do you realize there are high schoolers who think Michael Jordan wasthat old guy playing for the Wizards? He retired for the first time 16years ago? That's more than half the time I've been alive. I vividlyremember those first three titles, maybe even more than the last three,so that just makes me feel really old.
I guarantee you I could name more non-bucks players from 1992-98 than Icould name you Bucks players from 1992-2009.

NF: Well yeah, I could name more non-bucks players during that time periodas well, but if you think about it, you're using 29 teams with 12players, 348 total players are available each year, that's like 2088players. one team with 12 players per year for 17 years and you haveno where near the same pool of possible players.
And yes, June 1993 is when he retired the first time. 16 years.ridiculous. That makes me feel really old as well. I'm going to godrown myself in a bottle of grain alcohol now.

JG: I realize that, I was I guess just saying that for effect. Plus howmany people can name Clippers, Nuggets, Hawks, Grizzlies or Raptorsplayers from the mid 90's?
I see so many things now that make me feel old. Like before it was justplayers in the NBA/NFL/MLB that were the same age as me or younger, butPatrick Ewing Jr. is on the Knicks D-League squad? I feel like Iwatched Patrick Ewing play for at least half of his career and he has akid in the NBA/on the verge of the NBA? Really? What next, MichaelFinley Jr. getting drafted by the Bucks?
Oh, the other thing was I heard the Rams and Raiders have both been outof LA for 14 or 15 years now. Really?

Did you enjoy that?

Until next time...

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Milwaukee Sports Talk Radio

I was listening to "Milwaukee's Sports Leader", WSSP for much of the morning today. Not my usual routine, but I was in my car leaving for work at 4:30 and didn't have Internet access to stream something else until later in the morning.

Because of this, I got to catch almost all of the Doug and Mike show. I usually like this show, as it's the best program on this station (not saying much though).

It seems like I really get into the show, or really don't care for it, no middle ground. Today, it was the latter.

Those of you who don't know me, I work in the Milwaukee radio market, and have worked in sports talk radio in Wisconsin for close to five years now. My biggest gripe with WSSP is this, they either don't know their audience, or just plain don't care about it.

Milwaukee does not like Jim Rome, this was proven when then 1510 WAUK (540 now) made the decision to sandwich Rome in between the Tony Kornheiser show and the Dan Patrick show. The station was flooded with complaints from people who hated Rome.

Even the president of Brett Favre's fan club (Tony K.) took it upon himself to take shots at PD Bill Johnson over the air. Now since I didn't work for that station, I can't say for sure, but I'm almost certain they also got tons of positive feedback from Rome fans, but the people that hated it are the ones that stick out. I don't fault them for taking that chance, it was a shot worth taking. Kornheiser's show was stale, and a self-professed show for old people.

Johnson made the right call in taking a chance, but an even better decision in pulling the plug on that show.

Long-winded here I know, but bear with me. Rome is on WSSP. Again, Rome doesn't play well in the Milwaukee market. His show is too "national" and west coast based. Milwaukeeans don't want that. Now, I don't know if they're contractually obligated to air his show because of their affiliation to Fox Sports (I'd assume so), but if that's not the case, this is an awful decision to continue airing this show by the station PD.

Again, in fairness, it was a great move by the PD to pick up 2 hours of the Dan Patrick show, as Milwaukee loves Dan Patrick. Patrick is a national guy who comes off as your neighbor who knows a lot about sports, plus a lot of people in this market still remember him from when he used to do sports on the Bob and Brian show.

So, getting to my original point, I was listening to one of WSSP's only 2 local shows, the Doug and Mike show. They devoted entire segments to topics like:
  • Do the Cardinals have a chance in the Super Bowl?
  • Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Famer?
  • Recapping both Championship games
  • Julius Peppers wants out of Carolina
  • Allegations that Oprah Winfrey smoked crack
  • Is the Michael Irvin car-jacking story true?
  • What do Warner and Obama have in common? (they both promised their kids a dog if they each reached the pinnacle in their profession - Super Bowl and Presidency - which then sparked a lenghty conversation about pets.)

All of this, and finally they briefly mentioned the Packers had hired Dom Capers to be their defensive coordinator (taking no calls on this, at least none that I had heard of).

Look, I can understand the Peppers talk, as most Packer fans are clamoring for the Pack to break the bank for him, but explain to me where all the other stuff fits in on a Milwaukee sports talk show? Milwaukee, actually Wisconsin for that matter, doesn't care about national topics. I've seen this up close. They only want to talk/hear about the Packers, Packers, Packers, Brewers, Packers, Badgers/Bucks/Marquette, etc. In that order.

The Packers are a big story. Finally hiring a new coordinator, and one with the pedigree of Dom Capers is a big story. How is this not leading and driving most of the content on your show?

It's not just today or the Doug and Mike show specifically either, as the Big Show (don't even get me started on this one) is just as guilty. I'm continually stunned they actually get callers to interact with on these topics, which is what they'll point to, justifying these topics.

I'm glad this station exists, as just with anything in life, the more competition you have, the better it is for the consumer, but that being said in my opinion they really need to refocus or start focusing on what their target demographics want.

Lastly, I think another major issue with that station is this, most of their talent has little to no ties to Wisconsin. Look, I'm not trying to say you can't talk sports in Wisconsin if you're not from Wisconsin, but they made a big mistake when they launched by not adding quality local talent that was already well-known. There are tons of talented guys in this market (believe me, I'm not talking about myself here) who were passed over while this station tried to load up with national, "hard-hitting" guys. Not so surprisngly, guys like Peter Brown and Cliff Saunders aren't there anymore.

Well, I'll come down from my high-horse now, but I just needed to get that off my chest.

Until next time...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What we're talking 'bout

Since I'm sure many of you are interested, Gaddis, Justin, and I trade emails frequently throughout the days. Topics range from sports to television to making fun of Gaddis and reliving college memories. We thought it would be fun to share those conversations with you. So, without further ado...

The first bit today was us talking about the weather and the awful traffic getting into work. Justin goes on about podcasts they are going to start doing and he and Gaddis arange for them to do a podcast when Justin goes to Mad-town this weekend for a visit. We'll pick up where it gets interesting.

Gaddis (G): I just had my Health Screen here at work. I had a smoking hot girldoing the health screen. I almost asked her if she wanted to help mebecome not so fat.

Justin (JG): Did you see The Real Housewives or Nip/Tuck last night?
I gave up on the Real Housewives, partly because we're not livingtogether anymore so I didn't have that weekly reminder that it's on, butI caught a mini-marathon a few weekends ago and it sucked me back in

G: Yeah I saw them both. Nip/Tuck is horrible. I could barely watch it.The Real Housewives are ridiculous, but I still love it. Real World tonight.

JG: I saw the premier of Nip/Tuck last week. I thought last season sucked.I'll give it two more weeks, but right now it's borderline unwatchable.
How hot is Jeanna's daughter Kara?

Me (NF): I've got nip/tuck dvr'd. Is it even worth watching? I almost gave upon the show I've watched since episode one after the mid-seasonpremiere last week. Did Christian screw Liz in this one?

G: Yes, he and Liz got it on.
Kara is amazing. I have a thing for Kara's in general.

JG: What? Was that in last night's episode? God that show just sucks now.It was so good the first two years, the whole Carver angle was greatuntil the payoff. Seriously, who didn't think it would be that othersurgeon, but then to add the PI and make her his sister? That's whenthe show started to get ridiculous.

NF: It was pretty ridiculous to begin with, that's what made it soawesome. But, now it has just become too awful to even watch, justlike Prison Break after season 2.
I wonder if we will see, "I have a Tebowner" shirts next year inGainesville, or in Gaddis' dresser.

JG: (talking about the ESPN streak for the cash contest) I could have sworn I picked the Suns last night. I remember clicking onthe preview of the Suns/Hawks game and looking at numbers and I thoughtI clicked on the Suns. Apparently I didn't and my streak for the cashis still at 6. Could have been 7, an all-time high.
I don't see anything on there today I feel comfortable risking my streakwith. I'm saying that sitting on 6, I can't imagine how tense I'd getif I ever reach 15 or 20

NF: I don't see any I'm confident enough to risk my current 3 on. I'mgoing to be tense if I ever get over 5. The dudes with 17 must befreaking sweating.

JG: I think I'm going to take Portland over Philly, I mean Philly isn't thatgood. They don't have Brand, they don't have much offense, Portland isdecent. They should win, shouldn't they?

G: I am at 4 and I think I am taking Portland over Philly

NF: I was looking at that too, but does the east/west thing work the sameway in the NBA. Did Portland play last night? When/where was therelast game?

NF: There was a great question in Simmons' mailbag today that wentsomething like this, "If you could have the best seats in the housefor any sporting event ever, what would it be?" He went with USA 4USSR 3.
I'm going to pose the question to the two of you, but say whatsporting event since 1990 (which is probably when we all reallystarted to get into sports and knew what was going on) would you havegone to, and also, what would have been the best seats in the house (Iask for this opinion because I don't believe the midwest expressairline seats underneath the scoreboard in center field are the bestseats at Miller Park).
And go....

G: Simple....October 14, 2003, Marlins vs Cubs, Section 4, Row 8, Seat 113.In the 8th inning when the Marlins are up to bat I would go to thebathroom.

NF: Why, so someone else could catch the ball? Alou wasn't getting itanyway. You should have chosen that seat so you could rush the fieldand attack Alex Gonzalez, forcing him out of the game.
My decision is down to 2, either the 16th hole at Augusta in 2006 whenTiger made that ridiculous chip, I would have wanted to be rightbehind him, or our normal end zone seats last year during thePackers/Seahawks game in the snow.
Although, watching one of the Wisconsin Rose Bowl victories would havebeen cool, as would have USC/Texas...

JG: Oh god, that is a tough one.
I don't think I'd choose a football game, because personally I thinkthey're better to view on TV than in person.
My initial knee-jerk reaction is to say game three of the 2001 WorldSeries, when it returned to NY after the attacks and W. tossed a heaterdown mainstreet with the opening pitch. I'd go with seats right behindhome plate for that one.
That or courtside seats for game six of the 1993 NBA finals where theBulls beat the Suns. Barkley was my favorite athlete of all-time, andto be able to see Jordan in his prime, up that close, on a night wherehe clinched another title.
I think I'd go with one of those. I don't know though, I could think oflike 5 more.

G: There are so many. Those are very good ones Garcia.

NF: I was even thinking the "fan-man" boxing match between Bowe and Hollyfield.
I like the game 3 of the '01 WS pick, that's a good one.
The Pats/Rams SB would also have been good, although, I agree thatfootball may be better on television. I love watching from the endzone seats, though, you get to see plays develop and how defenses lineup. I think that if the seats weren't in the end zone, I wouldn'tlike them as much.
What about sitting courtside or right behind Marv Albert in 1992 forthe "I can't believe I just made another 3, either" Jordan shrug?
mmm, one for me would definitely be in Tampa for the Super Bowlnational anthem in 91 when Whitney Houston lip-synched really well toher pre-recorded version which brought down the house shortly afterthe Persian Gulf war started.

JG: Yeah, I was thinking about both those Super Bowls and that Jordan gametoo.
What about one of the Dream Team games in the 92 Olympics? I would havepicked one of those or the gold medal game if they would have had anycompetition.
The USC/Texas or the Miami/OSU national championship, sorry, Rose andFiesta Bowls weren't too bad either.

NF: I would have liked to have attended the mythical practice where Jordanand Magic or Barkley were just trash talking each other so bad thatthey eventually just said "screw it, let's pick sides" and they pickedteams like they were on the playground and it was apparently the bestbasketball game ever played.

G: Yeah I wish there had been a camera in there for what was probably thegreatest game every played.

NF: So I think that's my answer, courtside for that game.

JG: I just read Simmons' mailbag. How ridiculous is that, that the Heathave retired Jordan and Marino's number? WTF?
I just thought of another few:
The game where Tamika Catchings got to limp into the game to put up abasket for Tennesse.
The game where Candace Parker became the first woman to dunk in an NCAAtournament game
Chamique Holdsclaw's first game with the Mystic's. How incredible wasthat? It was like LeBron's debut.
And lastly, game 3 of the 2000 WNBA finals, I mean how many times canyou see a 4-peat like that?
You know, if you want us to take your league seriously, how does theteam that won your first 4 Championships fold 8 years later? WhateverWNBA

NF: Here's the great thing, I don't even know what team you are talking about.
And yeah, I had to read the sentence about Marino and Jordan and theHeat 3 times. Not kidding, 3 times before I could move past it.
I almost forgot, I want ticket to when Cael Sanderson broke the alltime record of going undefeated or whatever it was when he had hislast match for Iowa State and won, going undefeated for his career. Istill think he should have looked right into the camera after thatmatch was over and screamed, "I'm coming after you Stone Cold. 3.16this" and then dropped the mike, started doing steroids and joined theWWE.

JG: I'm sad to say I know, and knew the answer before I wrote this...theHouston Comets.
And actually, I'm overlooking one big one. Wrestlemania VI, where theUltimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan for the title. I'm pretty sure I criedafter Hogan lost. I was a big Hulkamaniac as an 8 year old

Back with more later...